Automatic Coding Machine 

The Mx1880 CIJ printer is an efficient and affordable automatic inkjet printer, it can be used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, electronics, cosmetics, cable, building materials, auto parts, etc.

It is suitable for printing MFG date, EXP date, batch number, text, and images on various materials.
It is quite easy to maintain and operate, it comes with a 1-year full warranty.

The information content of the CIJ- Inkjet printer can be freely edited, the printing is continuous and non-contact on the product surface. Spray printing content includes digital, graphics, English, date, batch number, and other information content.

The inkjet printer uses fast-drying ink, with a variety of colors to choose from, the ink has excellent adhesion and is suitable for a variety of materials, such as plastic film, paper, metal, ceramics, glass, rubber, etc.

The printer is easy to install, operate, and learn. It can print 40 dot matrix, 1-4 lines of high-quality information on an irregular surface and it comes at a very affordable price.

Portable Handheld Coding Machine With Bluetooth Application

Portable inkjet handheld printer with Bluetooth wireless application suitable for printing MFG Date, EXP Date, Batch Number, QR Code, etc. It has a print resolution of 600dpi and is suitable for wood, plastic, PVC, metal, glass, carton, and many other surfaces. Quick and reliable product marking solution delivered at an affordable price.


1.Super light-weight, only 330g machine weight
2. Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can control this printer through your mobile phone
3. Multi-language support, you can print any language directly
4. 24-hours standby time, only charge 3 hours and it can work continuously for 24 hours
5. Easy to operate, very light and portable

This handheld inkjet printer is the perfect solution for all your product marking requirements thanks to its wide variety of functions. Glass, films, cans, cardboard, cables, wood, plastics, metal and steel are easily and conveniently marked with no downtime on production.

Special inks that dry in less than one second is used.  The printer represents the highest level of quality and reliability in product marking. Most importantly, it is very affordable and highly recommended for small and medium-scale manufacturing industries or factories.

Smart Handheld Coding Machine With Touch Screen

High-resolution smart handheld Inkjet Printer can be set up to print both manually and automatically, it can print MFD Date, EXP Date, Batch Code, QR Code, Text and Images. It is suitable for Board, cardboard box, stone, fiber-board, light steel, pipe, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, wire, cable surfaces, etc.

It can print all kinds of logo, pictures can be uploaded through USB disk, the average power consumption is lower than 5W. it comes with two(2) rechargeable batteries, one(1) black solvent-based ink cartridge, one(1) sensor, one(1) USB flash drive, one(1) touch pen, a charging set and twelve(12) months warranty. It is also a touch screen-printer.

This is a touch screen handheld Inkjet Printer for exceptional print quality on all materials. It can print Dot-matrix, text, image (load from flash disk), QR code, number, date, time, batch code, expiry date, manufactured date, etc.

Automatic Printing 

Standard Packaging

All products come with a 1-year warranty and after-sales service support.

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